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Elevate your reading experience with our Handcrafted Wooden Bookmark, a perfect blend of elegance and functionality. Made from sustainably sourced hardwood, each bookmark boasts unique grain patterns, making every piece a one-of-a-kind work of art.


Perfect Gift: Ideal for book lovers, students, and anyone who appreciates fine craftsmanship. Whether for birthdays, holidays, or just because, this bookmark makes a thoughtful and lasting gift.

Add a touch of nature and sophistication to your reading routine with our Handcrafted Wooden Bookmark. Enjoy the beauty of natural wood while keeping your place in style.


Material: Acrylic & Wood


Can be made in any language with different mantra/color, can’t find what you are looking for or bulk order please reach out, will get it done for you ️ contact or WhatsApp (201)-948-5193.


Please note that each piece of wood is different and there may be slight imperfections in the grain of the wood, this uniqueness is what adds to the Shabby look we love!

We look forward to creating memorable gifts for you and your loved one!!

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OM Hindu engraved wooden bookmark, Pooja return gift items

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