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Why We Never Celebrate Valentines Day?

Today evening a question flopped from my friend “What’s plan for valentine’s day?” and I simply replied “Nothing”. Her reaction to that simple “Nothing” was hilarious,? it blows like if you don’t shower your love with gifts on valentine’s day, then you’re not expressing your love. ….

After returning home thoughts started rotating over my mind, why we never celebrate Valentine’s Day?But it’s true what we do on Valentine’s Day is pretty much similar to other days.

There were times when I expected he would celebrate this special day, when I wished him into doing something special on that one day and I remember his words “He doesn’t believe in Valentine’s day, one day is not enough to celebrate love”.

Today we are married for almost 6 years and over the years, He is showing me, love day after day. He has loved me through my times of hard-heartedness, through brokenness, through temper tantrums, my busyness, and hopelessness, through angry words and ugly tears. This man knows me better than anyone else on the planet, he has supported me at my best and at my worst. He believed in me and yet we never went on valentines day dinner date.

what I think now is Valentine’s story has little to do with heart-shaped balloons, cards. It’s eternal to shower your love with such surroundings but showing out that love, Occasionally by doing others chore, when the garbage can is overflowing, when work deadlines, when the grocery budget is tight, when the baby wakes up midnight, When one has a cold, the other makes soup and all small daily activities.

Now we’ve wanted none of that. No gifts nothing… actually, I don’t want to go on a dinner date when you know you’re going to get long wait time, places full of crowd, better to go out on other special days, some other night when you can have a quiet dinner. Like special days or just any other day

We do treat each other during the year. go explore new places, enjoy each others company, buy the occasional bouquet of flowers. We have a simplistic daily routine, have dinner together. One will cook; the other will help clean up. watch half a movie together, more than that, and I won’t be awake enough to say good night. that’s how we show our affections.

I’m not saying that couples shouldn’t do special on Valentine’s Day. I believe this day can be a big celebration of love But the real question is this what are you going to do on next day? Next week or coming months? Let’s stop expecting all love on one day, Seek to bond love, romance and adventure into daily life instead of reserving it for one day.

We laugh about not celebrating Valentine’s Day; it’s sort of a joke.

As a wife, I have discovered the wisdom in my husband’s choice of not celebrating Valentine’s Day. What makes each day special is being admirable to each other and in humble daily acts of warmth and care. I wish we let our kids and ourselves experience a flow love and affection every day. One that is less attached to gifts. What do you think?

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