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True Manhood – Things We Should Teach Our Sons.

True Manhood

Daily we read a lot about women empowerment and it’s certainly true. It starts from school, with quality education and Gender equality and so many things and definitely improves the quality life of women, men, families, and communities.

As parents, we try to offer quality education for our children. We all are raising our girls with all the confidence and dignity and want kids to grow up in a world where they are treated equally, without any stereotypes. No better, no less and no gender stereotypes.

We are competing with today’s world, but are we changing at home? when the daughters can do all that the boys can do, then why boys can not learn the household chores. We have changed a lot over years, as a society, taught our men that ladies can also work to support the family But we failed to teach them that they should support their wife’s in household chores too.

Kitchen Sink Toy

You may relate to this situation – When we find out that a friend is having a baby girl, we tend to the father and say “I bet all the boys will be coming around, you’ll have to chase.” And to a father of boys, we say “Raising boys is so much easier than girls (especially during teen years) – you’ll hardly have anything to worry about”.

This is how we as a parent fail. Being a Mom of boy and girl, I personally feel we should prepare our boys for these things too…

1. It’s OK to cry

Boys don’t cry! It’s OK to cry or to express your emotions. That couldn’t be any wrong. Everyone cries.It doesn’t make you less manly.

2. Boy and girl stuff

Pink is girls color, Hockey is not a boy’s sport. stop teaching boys that they should only play with toys that shoot, fight, teach them it’s perfectly ok to enjoy nurturing a doll. Boys should be taught that everyone is free to pursue their own interests without fear of getting bullied. Interest is a large part of life.

3. Good touch n bad touch

Like girls, we should teach boys to differentiate between a ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’. Many have a misconception that only girls become a victim of sexual harassment. It is equally important Boys should learn to speak up if they become a victim.

4. Etiquette

Let’s stop telling girls what they cannot wear and start telling boys that even if a girl wears nothing it does not equal consent. We teach girls how to sit, talk and what to wear and She learns to mind her manners when required But a boy should also be taught the same etiquette’s.

5. Equality

Does a woman’s success damage the ego of a male partner?We should tell our boys, to support their wives to achieve her dreams. At any point, if you have to quit work and stay at home, It’s absolutely fine to become a stay at home father to support your family. it’s ok if your partner earns more than you.

6. Household chores

We should teach boys it’s ok to clean house or cook when your wife is sick. A person does not need specialized skills for Cleaning, we should encourage boys to help moms when cleaning the house. Even if you have a helper to do such work, they should never hesitate to pick up a broom when needed.

7. Cooking

Let’s teach boys that making dinner in a kitchen is perfectly fine. Food is a basic need, and everyone gets hungry, irrespective of one’s gender! So, there is no harm in learning how to cook. In fact, parents should encourage boys to work in the kitchen from a young age, just like we teach our daughters the fine art of cooking.

Let’s stop teaching girls to ignore boys’ disrespectful words, and start teaching boys to stop calling girls disrespectfully. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section. Happy Parenting!!!

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