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Now my little munchkin is almost 3 years old (not really little now) and really fond of her cousin brothers who stay overseas. I just love this band and want to keep it as forever.

One evening I was just flipping pages of the calendar with a cup of coffee and came to know Shravan month is about to start. it is full of festivals and I personally love to celebrate each one of them. Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is celebrated on a full moon day in the month of Shravan (August) according to the Hindu calendar. Now Rakhi (Raksha-Bandhan) is just a few weeks away and All memories of Rakhi just started rolling in my mind, from my childhood, and in no time my eyes were weight. We have so many memories from our childhood for each festival, season, vacation and so on.

I started thinking what will be memories for this generation when they grow up? My little one is tying Rakhi (Raksha-Bandhan) to her cousins from past 3 years but Maybe she doesn’t have those memories. Now she remembers things, wants to understand and follow what we are doing. So I thought this is a perfect time to start exploring about our festivals.

Ideas started popping in my mind, What can I do to make this Rakhi (Raksha-Bandhan) special and memorable for the child gang. Thought to make something happening and creative in their own world. nowadays paper’s and crayons are the most favorite thing for her. So decided to use same.

I started withdrawing some Rakhi (Raksha-Bandhan) pictures on paper so she can color it. And she just loved it, in completed a task in half an hour. it’s going to be interesting for her, So I started more drawings, like sister tying a Rakhi (Raksha-Bandhan) to brother, Feeding sweets to brother and collecting gift from him and so on. She really killed it with her own unique color selection and Rakhi (Raksha-Bandhan) card is all ready.

No no, It dint went so smoothly, the Whole task took a weekend to be completed with so many questions popping in between. What is this? Why we tie? To whom? Why sweets? And blah blah … but trust me I was not really irritated to answer her innocent questions, I tried my best and used all my knowledge to satisfy her questions. Now it was my turn to complete my responsibilities…

The shops were laden with beautiful threads woven with love. As usual, the designs were creative and attractive. for the elders, there were threads which were subtle in color and for the young ones, there were Rakhis ranging from big sponge flower to the latest animated character. It was a beautiful sight and I loved to soak in the fervor of festivity and finally, my little one choose a few of them for her brothers.

I tied all drawings together along with Rakhi’s and packed in an envelope. Now every day she was asking, does it reached to Bhaiya? We both were eagerly waiting for a call and want to see happiness when they receive it. Thanks to the connectivity, courier reached my home country just on time.

Child gang was so happy to see her drawings on a video call, it was worth all the efforts. After receiving a gift, the little one is waiting for next Rakhi (Raksha-Bandhan) now !!!

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