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Postnatal Diet – Plays important role !!

As we know Ayurveda, a thousand years old ancient healthcare tradition,  evolved over the years and integrated with our traditional practices. being a first-time mommy, I was always confused about whether to follow ancient methods or not. Trapped! At one point, I decided to study and understand the science behind the ancient methods.

Once my grandma said, Ayurveda is aimed to protect you from disease. To boost your immunity and practice a healthy lifestyle. I have analyzed these through personal observations and peer interactions. Personally, I followed this for myself and I am very keen to share. Let us understand what benefits we can derive from it.

As we all know the importance of diet and the purpose of the diet in each stage is different. The pregnant woman diet is meant to be nourishing and full of good fats. In the same way, the postpartum diet plays an important role. According to Ayurveda, breastfeeding creates love and affection for the baby and a happy state of mind. Adequate rest and sleep, and a good nutritious diet are essential for successful breastfeeding. 

It is also supposed to ensure that the breast milk is full of the nutrients required by the growing child. Besides that, certain plants like methi, poppy seeds, and dates, and medicinal products made up of Shatavari, etc. may help to improve the quality and quantity of breast milk. The food is meant to nourish the woman. Not to forget, milk and ghee plays an important role. If you are with grandma, no other option – I ate it like a medicine. Its very important you just concentrate on your health and baby, It will also help in increasing milk supply.

As said by elders strictly 6 weeks away from all chores – best formula to follow. Savories made out of sesame seeds, dry nuts, fenugreek seeds are given to new mothers to increase milk supply. Edible gum cooked with dry nuts and wheat is given to strengthen the back and the reproductive organs post delivery. 

Hope you enjoy reading. Please share your views too. We all can work together towards a healthy life. Happy Parenting!

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