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Newborn essentials – check list

Being a parent is an overwhelming process. As a mommy I can understand, one can’t wait to hold a little one in your arms.

You must have now started setting up your nursery and purchasing all necessary material for little one but don’t forget to add this list to your baby inventory. Here we are listing must have everything for your little one in initial days.

Get everything listed and be ready to greet your little one with warmth and comfort …

Clothes – Trust me, you will be changing your baby clothes n number of times. you can’t be sure about the size few babies fit in newborn clothes or few needs 3 to 6 months or maybe will be in newborn series for months. you need an additional stock of clothes but don’t over shop because babies will rise very fast.

Diaper – Choosing the best diaper is a really tedious task, it depends on various facts still don’t go for bulk buying. Just get a small initial pack and depending on babies weight and comfortable fit you can decide and buy later.

Wipes & rash cream – Babies skin is extremely delicate especially newborn so always use alcohol and fragrance free wipes to gently cleanse baby’s skin for each diaper change session. Some babies skin is more prone to rash, If needed apply a layer of safe yet effective zinc oxide based diaper rash cream.

Swaddle – Swaddling helps the baby to prepare for a sleep. You can use a baby blanket to wrap baby or swaddling clothes as per your preference and babies safety and also if weather permits.

Milk bottles – Select a starter kit of feeding bottles for your baby registry preferably 4 oz. babies will have little 1 to 2 oz feed at a time and if you are planning to breastfeed a baby then maybe you don’t require a bottle for initial days. but It’s always recommended keeping stuff convenient.

Baby Car seat – Baby car seats are the safest and comforting to carry your little one and also are more comfortable for parents, to keep an eye on the baby and make sure the baby is safe and comfortable .Baby carriers have safety regulations check them before purchasing.

Baby soap and moisturizer – Babies love water to make bathing experience more enjoyable, please consider a few things like baby soap is a tear-free formula, made for sensitive skin with natural ingredients.

Burp Cloths – Baby will burp after each feed and they might be spitting it out. Get a few sets of burp cloths to avoid a mess and to protect your shoulder from spilling. you know it is always convenient to replace burp cloth.

Nail clipper and gloves – Few babies born with tiny nails. there are chances that they might hurt themselves, keep baby nail clippers handy in hospital bag.  just keep some pairs of gloves to distract infants from inserting a finger in their mouth.

Rest You will need camera to capture those moments. Enjoy this phase and Happy Parenting !!!

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