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Nail Polish – Painting her toenails.

Right now, my daughter is just a little kid who loves the color and nail polish means nothing more than fun colors to her that’s what I was thinking 🤔But I was wrong.

It all started when she was almost 10 months, one morning she was playing with her toys and easily distracted. she was excited, happy, smiling and observing something…I started to search what is seeking her attention and soon found it was my maid’s nail polish – toenails and fingernails painted with Dark maroon.

I’m a kind of mom who rarely paints her nails and after child almost forgot to do so. But whenever my daughter notices paint on nails, she’s curious why she can’t do the same. I figured that once she grows and understands, she isn’t really into putting hand and feet in the mouth so it should be ok.

Recently we celebrated her second birthday and her curiosity increased with time. On last weekend I was rearranging my wardrobe and my little one (quite a big girl now) was helping me:-p. She was looking for something interesting and she found it. She found a nail polish bottle which I hid almost 3-4 months back. She exclaimed, “Ohm wow momma nail polish, pink nail polish”. Now she was trying to convince me to apply it on her fingernails and toenails. As usual, I was trying to distract her from nail polish. We both were giving our best.

In some time she managed to open the nail polish bottle, I was curious to see what will be her next step. In no time she started applying it on her toenails. Looking at how smoothly she was doing it like she does it often. After finishing two nails, I ran to take my phone as I want to capture this moment.

When I came back with my phone, I was surprised to see she painted her right toenails and was figuring out position to paint others. I managed to capture a video – my toddler painting her toenails. It was so neat and clean. Didn’t looked like the first attempt. She finished painting her toenails with great speed and was so excited to have it done. Those expressions are priceless.

Later Somehow I convinced her why she can’t apply nail polish on fingernails, “you might end up putting your fingers in mouth and it’s not good for your health?” Blah blah… A poor choice of words on my part, after a long conversation she was convinced and agreed she will not paint her fingernails. Hush…

The story didn’t finish yet, yesterday she came home from daycare with one more question, “mommy why my teacher applies nail polish on her fingernails?” And I was like “Ummm …” Still looking for a convincing answer?

It might seem silly so much into something as insignificant as nail polish But Nail polish is going to be a crucial fashion accessory for my daughter and I m waiting to paint her fingernails.


If you want to be on the safe side, choose polishes that don’t contain either of these chemicals If you cannot get hold of any varnishes free of these substances but still want to have pretty nails, use normal polishes but limit your uses on kids.

I just put on one coat. As far as which brand is best, I’m unsure. I know they rank different beauty products and their toxicity but I used regularly. When it comes to taking nail polish off you should try to avoid all removers that contain acetone. I don’t take the nail polish off. Will let it fall off by itself.

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