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Motherhood – Bridging Ayurveda And Modern Science.

Of course I’m in a favor of Ayurveda, but being a first-time mommy, I just don’t want to follow it blindly. I was always confused about whether to follow ancient methods for newborns or not. Trapped! At one point, I decided to study and understand the science behind the ancient methods of Ayurveda. Here is a bridge between science and tradition.

I have analyzed the status of Ayurvedic medicine based on personal observations and peer interactions. Personally, I followed a few methods for my little one and I am very keen to share. Let us understand what benefits we can derive from it.

  1. Kajal – You must have heard that applying kajal keeps the baby safe from evil eyes! Yeah, but surely kajal cleanses the eyes by taking out all dirt from the baby’s eyes. It also cleanses the eyes and takes out all dirt from the eyes. Not only in eyes, elders also put Kajal on the eye, palm, and forehead of the baby. Kajal available in the market contains chemicals, and newborn should be kept away from such things. Well, there is always a way. You can go with ayurvedic kajal for newborn or Kajal can also be prepared at home.

  2. Baby oil massage – One of the most important routines of baby care is pre-bath oil massage. Its effects are extremely beneficial in the first year of baby’s life. The process of oil massage is also extremely enjoyable to the baby and helps establish the emotional bond between a mother and the baby. At an immediate level, the oil massage relieves exhaustion, balances and improves the baby’s appetite, digestive power and allows for peaceful, undisturbed sleep. But oil massage should not be too harsh. And early age oil massage is an excellent skin aid – with this regular practice, the skin’s health without sacrificing cleanliness.

  3. Postnatal diet – As we all know the importance of diet and the purpose of the diet in each stage is different. The pregnant woman diet is meant to be nourishing and full of good fats. In the same way, the postpartum diet plays an important role. According to Ayurveda, breastfeeding creates love and affection for the baby and a happy state of mind. Adequate rest and sleep, and a good nutritious diet are essential for successful breastfeeding. It is also supposed to ensure that the breast milk is full of the nutrients required by the growing child. Besides that, certain plants like methi, poppy seeds, and dates, and medicinal products made up of Shatavari, etc. may help to improve the quality and quantity of breast milk. The food is meant to nourish the woman. Not to forget, milk and ghee plays an important role. If you are with dadi/nani, no other option – I ate it like a medicine!

  4. Clothing – I had always heard about “Not to use new clothes for newborn” and wondered why not? So, it is to protect baby from irritation, allergies from new clothes. You can use pre-washing everything before it touches your baby’s skin. Some of the fancier trendy clothing is not always the best choice for your little one as these garments can features embroidery or artwork that’s scratchy, irritated, and very uncomfortable on the skin. There are plenty of reasons parents choose to purchase organic or cotton clothing. Be careful while choosing products to wash baby clothing because strong detergents and fabric softeners can irritate your baby’s skin.

  5. Early ear piercing – I’ve heard people say that babies don’t feel pain which is extremely ridiculous. It’s simply because the baby feels less pain initially. It’s a pain that is temporary and being at an early age they will soon forget. There might be chances that it would be worse doing so when they are older and are able to remember, vocalize, and react to the pain to the point of refusal.

  6. Silver utensils for baby feed – The fact is that Silver kills bad bacteria. I heard a story that in ancient times, when there weren’t selling cleaners for water yet, the people lowered a silver spoon in water and the water became purer and with the minimum quantity of bad bacteria! So, if you have any utensils or if it can be easily available, go ahead and use them, but don’t fret about it. I prefer it more than the cheaper and fancy plasticware that is sold for babies.

Hope you enjoy reading. Please share your views too. We all can work together towards a healthy life. Happy Parenting!!

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