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Maternity Pillow – Great when you are bigger.

Maternity Pillow – Great when you are bigger.

In pregnancy, it’s tough to get continuous sleep for a number of reasons. One major cause of restlessness is finding a safe and comfortable position for sleeping. As your belly grows, a specialized pregnancy pillow can save the night, trust me. They are great when you are bigger.

Initially, I didn’t think I needed one either but really they are SO comfortable! The nice thing is that you can morph them into different positions to support whatever you need supported. It can be reused for nursing after the baby is born.

If you’re just looking for the perfect pregnancy pillow, first try experimenting with some regular pillows that you already have in the house. Try putting a pillow between your knees as you rest on your sides. You can also try placing a pillow under your belly for support. If you Still trying to train yourself to stay on your left side throughout the night? Try keeping one pillow behind you, a pillow behind your back can serve as a barrier to keep you from turning over as soon as you drift.

Luckily much of your discomfort can be alleviated through proper body positioning and support and definitely pregnancy pillow is better than multiple pillows because no matter which side you turn yourself, the support is already there waiting for you.

Benefits of pregnancy pillow –

If you have back pain and leg cramps so getting a pregnancy pillow helps a lot! I think it just depends on you and your body. Some women use a long, rectangular body pillow, which can slip bellies and between knees. Few tummy sleepers prefer small, wedge-like designs that fit under the belly to improve support through the legs, and back.

If you tend to sleep on your back which will cause the problem in pregnancy. I tried using my pillows to keep me on one side, but I would just push them off throughout the night. Then I got the pregnancy pillow and my back feels a billion times better. If I hadn’t had these issues I probably wouldn’t have wanted the pillow to be honest. It’s really up to you.

Post pregnancy you can use it to prop yourself up in the bed to read or watch tv. Choose a perfect one for you, check below personalized pointers and types of pillows before getting one.

Types of pillows –

There are a variety of products that are specifically designed for pregnancy. It depends on how you already sleep and what your challenges are. Pillows can offer relief by providing support where you need it, but with so many options out there, it’s hard to know what you truly need to buy to get a good night’s rest. Before deciding what’s comfortable and best check below pointers.

Pregnancy wedge pillow – If you are a tummy sleeper then you are going to miss sleeping on your belly for next few months. For tummy-sleepers, the bedtime battle starts as early as the first few weeks when sore breasts can make your usual sleeping position uncomfortable. Definitely you are going to miss your favorite sleeping position.

The pregnancy wedge pillow really does help keep you in place and perfect alignment for your belly. It’s Small and compact, Wedge is an excellent choice for anyone travelling, needing just belly support, or is experiencing discomfort while sitting at work. If usually you don’t use many pillows or blankets, a large, contoured design might feel smothering, while a small wedge might be just enough.

Full length pregnancy pillow – If you naturally prefer to sleep on your left side, which is the ideal position during pregnancy, then you are the luckiest one. But if you’re still sleeping on your back, it’s time to shift, since the weight of your expanding midsection can compromise your circulation. As you get bigger the sheer weight of your bump will make your sleeping position uncomfortable.

Full length pregnancy pillow is better than multiple pillows. It can provide support to the entire body and hence are much longer than the usual pillows. It’s great for belly support, between knees and offers additional support for the head But still you’re really struggling to get comfortable, then a C- or U-shaped pillow worth to invest.

C-shaped body pillow – if you’re a usual back sleeper, a pillow that goes behind your back then C shaped body pillow might be a good choice. C-shaped body pillow supports great for the belly, between knees and offers additional head and back support.

If you tend to toss and turn a lot then might feel restricted initially but stay with it to keep yourself from turning on my back. You will surely love it because of the back support.

U shaped body pillow –You can also buy large, contoured pillows that encircle your whole body, supporting your head, neck, belly, and legs in order to improve your sleeping posture. I survived last pregnancy without one, but I had to use three regular sized pillows instead. One under my belly, one behind my back and one between my legs. It just seems easier to get one this time.

U shaped body pillow gives full body support and comfortable good night’s sleep and it’s always better than multiple pillows.

Trust me pregnancy pillows will save your night’s throughout pregnancy and you can use them post-partum too, they are great to cuddle. Just choose which feels right for you. So finally maternity pillows are not necessary but they sure are awesome!

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