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Is your baby ready to start solids?

Each child’s food readiness depends on their own growth and physical development. Starting solids before the baby is ready can lead to choking, indigestion or other serious health issues and we can’t be late in this process because it can delay the baby’s overall development.

So Finding out whether a baby is ready for solids is the most important task in the whole process, please check below few pointers :

  1. Baby is 6 months old – Babies should be breastfeed (if possible) or formula feed up to 6 months of age. Although you can start solids between 4 to 6 month old, check with your pediatrician and then proceed.

  2. Baby sits on his/her own – This is one most important point, babies should be able sit on his/her own without any props/support and have really good head control. As suggested by doctors, babies should be fed in sitting positions only.

  3. Baby weight – according to the American Academy of Pediatrics When babies double their birth weight or reach at least 13 pounds, they may be ready to start solids.

  4. Baby looks interested in your food – If the baby looks interested in your food or leans forward when offered food and opens his mouth, this is one of the signs that they are ready to taste a treasure of flavors.

 Last but not least baby is all healthy, no fever, cold or stuffy nose while starting.

Rest You will need lots of patience and a camera to capture those moments. Enjoy this phase and Happy Parenting !!!

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