Importance of sterilization for baby’s health.

As a parent our first priority is keeping the baby safe from bacteria or infections and I feel sterilizing baby stuff is key to keeping baby’s away from all these. Every mom believes in taking an extra step towards baby’s safety and It’s important particularly for infant baby’s.

If bottles are not properly sterilized, your baby can be exposed to bacteria and germs that can cause vomiting, diarrhea etc health issues. Slowly as the baby grows their body will learn to fight and you might not have to sanitize baby items daily but for extra germ removal I prefer to sanitize all baby items once a day.

Baby stuff that needs sterilization –

Being a mom first is overwhelming and at the same time we don’t want to make a mistake, slowly I realized everything that goes in a baby’s mouth or used to feed them should be sterilized like…

  1. Milk bottles and accessories.

  2. Feeding set (bowl-spoon)

  3. Finger brush 

  4. Breast Pump accessories

  5. Pacifiers etc

If you are cleaning bottles in the dishwasher with sanitize options you might not need to sterilize it separately.

Budget friendly sterilization method – 

Mom’s prefer to clean all feeding items with mild soap before sanitizing.

  1. Clean in hard boiling water – This is a method every mom swear by and less expensive. I use hard boiling water for breast pump parts, milk bottles, pacifiers etc when you first get them of course and air dry everything. avoid using a dish towel to rub or pat items dry and don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly before handling baby stuff that has been sterilized. Also make sure you never leave hot water and cleaning solutions unattended or within reach of children. steam can burn or scald just as badly as boiling water.

  2. Microwave steam container – from my personal experience this is a must have for moms. It’s so much easier than anything hard boiling. I usually wash with a mild soap and sterilize. Use distilled water in the base while sterilizing, It prevents build up and air dry on the drying rack or put in the top rack of the dishwasher. using the steamer is so much easier. I used this to sterilize all my Dr. Brown’s, Philips bottles and breast pump parts. All you have to do is add the recommended amount of water, secure the lid, stick it in the microwave and heat to the recommended time and done! You have sterilized bottles! I use this everyday.

As odd as it sounds, I feel so accomplished once the sterilizer comes out of the microwave and the whole process gives peace of mind that you’re reducing your baby’s risk of illness and infection.

Hope these tips from a mommy helps you a bit. Happy Parenting !!!

Philips Avent Microwave Steam Sterilizer

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