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Importance of Baby Massage

Of course I’m in a favor of Ayurveda, but being a first-time mommy, I just don’t want to follow it blindly. I was always confused about whether to follow ancient methods for newborns or not. Trapped! At one point, I decided to study and understand the science behind the ancient methods of Ayurveda.

I have analyzed it based on personal observations and peer interactions. Personally, I followed this method for my little one and I am very keen to share. Let us understand what benefits we can derive from it.

Baby oil massage – One of the most important routines of baby care is oil massage and its effects are extremely beneficial in the first year of baby’s life. The process of oil massage is also extremely enjoyable to the baby and helps establish the emotional bond between a mother and the baby.

At an immediate level, the oil massage relieves exhaustion, balances and improves the baby’s appetite, digestive power and allows for peaceful, undisturbed sleep But oil massage should not be too harsh. Also early age oil massage is an excellent skin aid – with this regular practice, the skin’s health without sacrificing cleanliness.

Please test oil on your baby’s skin before starting, observe skin rash or any other unusual symptom. You can opt out oil, if baby is not comfortable . However baby’s comfort and mood matters a lot in whole procedure. Most baby’s enjoy their massage in night time as it acts as soothing process before bedtime.

Hope you enjoy reading. Please share your views too. We all can work together towards a healthy life. Happy Parenting!!

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