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Granny’s bedtime short stories series – part 1

Once upon a time there lived a poor man in a small village of Lipovka. He was unhappy with his life, he used to work hard in fields but was not able to feed his family up to the mark. Due to a drought the following year the condition worsened But he did not lose hope. He continued to work under these circumstances. One day while digging the ground he found a strange thing inside the field. As he took a closer look of it was a golden colored stone.

He thought It was a gift from god to him. He was happy and shared the joy with his family. He went to the nearby town and exchanged it for lots of money. But he did not let this covert into a vicious desire and stop working as he had money now. He went to market and he brought new high yielding seeds. The following year there was a good rainfall and it led to a better harvest. The poor man was happy and sold this produce in market and got a good price for it.

The following year he worked more hard and bought some new piece of land. His hard work gave new way to lead the life. He becomes the largest land owner in the village. So if he had been happy with the money from piece of gold and been greedy for same money he would not have achieved this.

Moral: Its Not Greed but Hard Work Pays

Write up by – Samarth

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