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Choosing a baby carrier – Pointer’s

My hunt for a baby carrier started with, do I really need a baby carrier? If you are too stuck on the same question? and need some important pointers before choosing a best one for your bundle of joy, please take a minute and read …

If you are thinking of getting a baby carrier for infants (0 to 6 months), you can use it with an infant insert. Generally, it is better to wait until the neck settles. If your little one is not comfortable in the baby carrier, you can try a wrap carrier for the first few days. Also, few kids prefer carriers (close to parents) instead of sitting in a stroller, Each baby is different.

Whatever you choose, be cautious about the baby’s position in a carrier. the baby’s legs should be in sitting position and not in a hanging position. Improper wearing of a baby carrier may contribute to hip dysplasia. choose a hip healthy carrier. Front facing baby carriers are mostly used for the first few months or until baby’s weight is recommended in a specific carrier.

Babies at a younger age must be faced to parents and not face forward until the neck settles. When you breastfeed a baby in a carrier/sling make sure the baby’s head is clear of the carrier and your body, otherwise the baby might get suffocated. keep an eye on the baby while feeding, If babies neck is settled change position to forward facing after a feed.

Infant insert – Babies at a younger age are recommended to use infant insert. Infant insert helps in upper, lower support and most importantly neck support.

Key points – Each baby is different, check belt size, height, weight, positioning options while choosing the best carrier and read the instruction manual carefully before use. Wrap/sling carrier may lead to suffocation, if not positioned properly.

Choose a standard certified fabric, it should not be too thick and prefer washable baby carriers which are easy to maintain. It is good to have a babyhood which helps in head support, sun protection and gives more privacy while feeding the baby.

Comfort – Baby carriers are more comfortable for parents, still, keep an eye on the baby and make sure the baby is safe and comfortable. Few carriers have functions like 360-degree positioning, which can be really useful at later stages, As you can carry a baby with multiple positioning.

Padded shoulder strap, wide and sturdy waist belt plays a key role for parents comfort. Baby carriers make it more comfortable for parents because it holds up on your hip but also baby’s comfort and safety is at highest priority for a parent.

Storage is not a mandatory point to check while choosing a baby carrier but if you get more comfort why not?. Extra storage pockets will help to keep things handy.

Baby carrier is one of the best things to give in a baby shower or to a new parent. Its amazingly comfortable for both parent and baby, sharing the joy of parenting.

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