Cherish your memories !!!

Now a days I’m writing ✍️ emails to my toddler, Yes!! you read it correct, to my toddler !!!

As a parent, we do cherish every moment with our little ones, In every day – every moment there will be something special. Like all parents, I want to share all those lovely memories with my little one, when she grows up but I’m doubtful whether I would be able to share every memory/moment with her, with time I might fade some memories . May be as time passes I will be not be able to explain my feelings as what I felt at that moment. Memories like when she took first step, first day in school, her first stage performance so many, list goes on !!!

Few days back idea flopped in my mind, every day we sent so many emails at work or personal, forward so many messages but many of them are not relevant, useful but what if we cherish memories lifelong with just few emails a week or month.

I created one email address where I can share my feelings whenever I feel something special about my toddler. Now I send emails with all special, happy, sad, angry, funny mommy feelings with some pictures attached ( if I have any related to same) and send an email 📧….

Planning to pass on this email address and password on her 18th birthday 🎂 So She can feel that memories in my own words with same feeling I feel at this moment. She will cherish these memories forever.

if you agree, go ahead and cherish your beautiful memories. Don’t forget to share with other mommies and follow BeejZap – Mom’s Inventory for cherished updates. You already have some fun ideas, do share with everyone in comments.

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