Breastfeeding and pumping tips

For first time moms initially it can be a problem while latching but if you get comfortable in initial days then it will be a great help in increasing milk supply. its very important you just concentrate on your health and baby, It will help in increasing milk supply.

Feed baby frequently and as long as baby is enjoying and active. Every 2 hour feed and feed both sides each time is best rule to follow, as suggested by doctors. Exclusive breastfeeding for first six months is always suggested.

Latching Issues / Position – Newborn feed around 15-20 min each side for initial days and this time will change as baby grows. from beginning make sure baby is latched correctly and comfortable. if you are a first time mom take help from your doctor/nurse when you are in hospital (initial 3-4 days). Now a days nursing pillows are best option for comfortable feeding which ensure productive feeding.

Generally breast starts producing milk when you are in third trimester. You can start nursing baby from day one and as you start nursing baby , your body will start producing more milk. Every 2 hour feed and feed both sides each time is best rule to follow. don’t forget to burp your baby after each feed.

Increasing milk supply – After nursing if you found baby is not satisfied or still hungry. count no of wet diapers baby is making per day – if count is around 6 diapers a day then its OK or if count is less then may be one of a major reason is low milk supply.

Your body produces a milk on demand , try to feed baby more frequently so your body will start producing more milk. one of best way to increase milk supply is ,You can choose pumping method so body starts producing more milk.

Eat well balanced diet and drink more water/milk. Sleep when baby sleeps. strictly 6 weeks away from all chores – best formula to follow. Add herb or prescribed medicine, breast milk supplement in diet that increases milk supply.

Breast pump – Breast pump is one of important purchase for a breastfeeding moms. breast pumps is a life saver specially for working mothers, You can spend time with baby feeding and can also pump other breast. Its easy to use, well lactation consultant can guide on how to use, and its gentle on breasts that you will not face as such problems.

No more long pumping sessions. The electric pumps empties in half the time – and we all know how important time is with little ones running around. Besides the pump and parts, you can also take a hands-free nursing bra, breast milk storage bags, Sharpie, big zip lock bag and paper towels.

If you’re concerned about your milk supply or baby is not gaining weight or losing weight, you need to contact pediatric. please let us know if this one helped you a bit.

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