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Baby registry items – You don’t need to buy !!!

Being a first time mommy I was hyped about all baby products. I started looking for registry products and the list was never ending. I was so much into buying everything for my little bundle of joy and this ended up buying unnecessary stuff.

Now with my second one, I made a list of Baby Registry Mistakes to avoid and decided to skip products which are not so useful.

Note : As per my experience Amazon Baby Registry is the best place to create your registry as it gives (additional 15 % off on your baby registry products), free returns within 90 days and so on. Here is a list of unnecessary stuff I bought being a first time mommy to save on your baby registry.

Wipe warmer – If you don’t want to waste yours or someone else money on a wipe warmer, listen to those who have gone before you. Where are you keeping your wipes when they get cold??? Wipes are always room temperature and they are fine.

One of most important reasons is by the time your wipe touches beautiful butts it’s almost room temperature and trust me your baby’s butts can resist room temperature wipes. Some people may like them, but most often, they just dry out your wipes or it wastes a lot of wipes by burning them slightly at the bottom.

Without a doubt, wipe warmers are listed as one of the products that every parent doesn’t need.

Diaper changing table – Is it really necessary? Big No, It takes up valuable space in your baby’s room and it can be costly. For my elder one I’ve changed on the floor, on the bed, on the couch, in my lap, in a stroller, anywhere I could lay my little one down long enough to change. While using the couch or bed. Be careful the baby does not roll off, even if they’re not rolling, they can wiggle!

Another pointer is with a diaper changing table, we would be forced to go to the table rather than the table coming to us. I would recommend a changing pad and a basket to hold all the diapers and wipes, etc., and it’s so easy to pull out the pad and put it on the floor or bed or everywhere that’s convenient for us.

Matter of fact, most baby bags are sold with a little fold-able pad slipped in the back. It can be always with you, could be washable and spread out like a blanket. While a changing table is pretty to have in the nursery, it is not a necessity.

Bathtub Thermometer – You do not need one. Just test the water with your own elbow/arms. I used my own judgement to see if the water was the right temperature or not. Always just test the water on your wrist before filling the tub or whatever, you don’t need it unless you lost all nerves in your hands and arms, Lol!!

Crib bumpers – Crib bumper pads are still considered a common baby product, crib bumpers aren’t worth the risk. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the agency responsible for product safety laws and bans, using a crib bumper pad may put your baby at greater risk for suffocation or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

One reason child safety organizations recommend against crib bumpers is a risk of suffocation. Just like a pillow or thick blanket or big stuffed toys, crib bumper pads can restrict a baby’s breathing if the bumper is close to the baby’s nose. They can also cause suffocation in babies who aren’t strong enough to move themselves away from them while sleeping and Babies at a month old could wiggle over to the bumpers!

Babies really don’t need the extra stuff in their cribs, though. Your best choice for a safe sleep space is to choose a pretty crib sheet, dress baby in cozy pajamas or a wearable blanket, and leave everything else out of the crib.

Baby food processor – with my oldest I made her food and I just used a regular food processor/hand mixer and it worked out fine. I would just steam the veggies/fruit I wanted to make and then grind up to whatever consistency I wanted. It was really easy. I don’t understand the hype for the special ones marketed for baby food. Using a regular blender works exactly the same.

I just need to clean it thoroughly if using baby food if used with spices. I don’t think you need anything fancy! I wanted something that I could use for the whole family. So it would be a waste of money to get something I’d only be using a few months. Any regular blender which purees the food works. Although I have seen the Baby Bullet and I think it is really cute but I am not sure if it is really something you would need.

Too much of any newborn stuff : Trust me, you will be changing your baby clothes n number of times. You can not be sure about the size few babies fit in newborn clothes or few needs 3 to 6 months or maybe will be in newborn series for months. You need an additional stock of clothes but do not over shop babies stuff especially cloths/diapers/fancy newborn shoes because they will rise very fast.

I hope these pointers will be helpful while creating your baby registry. To create your baby registry on amazon click – Baby Registry

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