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Baby Registry – Check list

Being a parent is an overwhelming process. You must have now started setting up your nursery and purchasing all necessary material for little one but don’t forget to add this list to your baby inventory. Here we are with listing – everything for your little one in initial days.

Do not hurry to buy everything on a baby registry list, you can choose items as per your requirement and weather. Create your Amazon baby registry here…


  1. Crib or cradle

  2. Crib Mattress/Crib foam/sheet – Mattress pad, fitted crib sheets

  3. Infant car seat

  4. Stroller or infant carrier

  5. Baby bouncer

  6. Playard with bassinet

  7. Feeding chair(Not Immediate)

  8. Rocking or arm chair

  9. Nightlight

  10. Baby monitor

  11. Baby Dresser

  12. Toys/Toy basket


  1. Onesies

  2. undershirts

  3. one-piece pajamas

  4. Bunting bag or fleece suit for a winter baby

  5. Blankets and jackets / heavier blankets (for colder climates)

  6. sweaters

  7. rompers

  8. socks or booties

  9. hats, soft cap that covers ears for a baby

  10. Hand gloves/ Mittens

  11. More Infant clothing details article…

Diaper Stuff

  1. Changing table

  2. Portable changing pad

  3. Diaper pail

  4. Diaper bag

  5. Diaper cream

  6. Unscented baby wipes

  7. Soft washcloths

  8. Diapers -Large box of disposable new born diaper

  9. If planning – cloth diapers.

Bath Accessories

  1. Baby bathtub

  2. Baby soap

  3. Baby Shampoo

  4. Baby moisturizer

  5. soft towels or hooded baby towels

  6. Baby hairbrush

  7. Baby laundry detergent – gentle

Feeding Accessories

  1. bottles and nipples, both 4- and 8- ounce (if planning to fed strictly by bottle, baby will go through about 10 round)

  2. Bottle brush

  3. Dishwasher basket for small items

  4. 4-8 bibs / Burp cloths

  5. Pacifiers 2.

  6. Feeding cover

  7. if planning to breastfeed –

  8. Breast pump

  9. Milk storage bag or bottle

  10. Nursing pillow

  11. Nipple cream

  12. Nursing pad

  13. Formula if not breastfeeding

  14. Breastfeeding and pumping tips article here.

Health products

  1. Baby nail clippers set

  2. Baby thermometer

  3. First aid kit

  4. A cool mist humidifier

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