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5 baby toys – Helps to achieve developmental milestones.

When the baby plays for a decent amount of time, long enough for mommy to at least grab a cup of coffee, toys definitely worth it!! and so I feel baby Toys play a crucial role in mom’s life. As babies start exploring around them about sensory and colors, coordination between hands, sounds, grips. So choosing toys which will help them to achieve their development milestones.

Whenever buying a new toy I look for below few features which helps babies learn about coordination, pass from each hand with control and also sensory with some loops and colors, areas the baby can grab the toy, to bite the rings, which is great for teeth and gum development, a rattle or music, which grabs attention, fun factor and of course Long shelf life.

Here we are listing 5 toys for babies between 3 months to 1 year, though not all at same time but step by step while growing. Note – I have used all these toys for my little one, sharing best of all with you!!!

  1. Kick n play piano mat –

Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym

My little one has grown to LOVE this piano mat! We first tried it out when he was 4 months and was stimulated by the hanging toys, he would lay there for 20-30 minutes just kicking away! I can see that he still loves its piano part now. It really has been great for us and our little one in so many ways.

When he was 7-8 months and was teething he tried to bring the toys to mouth. I like that you can hang lots of different toys to mix it up. It’s an extremely colorful and bright engaging toy with great music. And I can say it will grow with your baby as you can use it in different stages of baby, lay over a mat, roll over sitting and finally take off the piano. He does enjoy tummy time and likes to roll over/lay on sides inside this mat.

You can also position the piano and mat for sitting up play instead of laying down. The piano can also just be taken off and used as a small piano toy. I knew he’d love this play mat with something to kick, and he totally digs it. I love that all the pieces are still fun by themselves ! Click here to buy this toy in INDIA.

2. Cube –

Busy Learners activity Cube

Where do I even begin… If you feel you needed something that would actively encourage the little one to sit, this toy is a MUST HAVE.. My little one didn’t seem much interested in sitting. Whenever we could make him sit in a sitting position, he would just tumble forward and crawl away to play with toys on the floor. So, I wanted a toy that would encourage babies to sit. It is one of the few toys I can set him on the floor with and do housework without her getting bored

Every side of cube is appealing, the top side with 4 shape buttons each with an animal picture with animal sounds, songs, musical tunes, count, play games, etc. A spinning cylinder on the top of that rattles. One side with spinning letter blocks (A,B,C,D) and another side with spinning shapes. also a side with musical instruments and a side with a spinning ladybug.

Now he is 15 months old and still really enjoys playing with this toy. It has lasted a year and is still going strong. I love that it holds attention still and It has held up really well to all of the dropping, excessive button pushing, and spinning over a year of play. Click here to buy this toy in INDIA.

3. Assorted set of toys –

Fisher-Price Classic Infant Trio Baby Gift Set

When I look at these, it’s so far the best spend for your baby. Normally You will get a set of different toys and a bucket for storage too. The quality is fabulous and each toy does one, two, or even three different things. First of all, the packaging was a pleasant surprise, with the large container to hold all ten pieces.

And yes it’s easy to clean plus the price is ridiculously low for what you get! These are sensory, durable and multi-functional, also This big bucket of toys is perfect for babies, to grab stuff and there is so much activity. We mom’s love when they’re more on the quiet side, so it’s win-win! thankful for these toys because it keeps them busy! Click here to buy assorted set of shapes toy in INDIA

4. Wiggle and crawler ball –

Wiggle and crawler ball

I would say the Roll over ball encourages the baby to move. Great for soon to be crawlers and crawlers. At this age babies get bored easily with toys, and this ball roll over and start playing music to get attention. My then 8 month old gets bored easily with toys but I loved this feature and kept him busy for a longer time.

It teaches numbers, colors, animals, and has games to play! It has multiple settings depending on whether you want buttons to play music, talk, make car sounds, etc. This colorful moving ball amuses our little one and as he grows he will be able to interact and crawl after this ball. It rolls well without any problem in the area rug we have in our living room and rolls even more on the wood and tile areas. Click here to buy wiggle and crawler ball in INDIA.

5. Laugh and play toy –

Laugh and learn Puppy

This is a hit gift toy. I got it as a gift when my little one was almost 10 month old and was almost as big as him, Super soft and colorful.

This is an appealing soft toy for babies, has different songs and words with body parts like ear, hand and foot. He’s attracted to the glowing heart and he loves all the music. My son loves the songs and all the stages on this toy. This puppy is an endless source of entertainment! Click here to buy this toy in INDIA

I hope you will find above information helpful. Please do share your hit toys in comment section. Happy Parenting !!!

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