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Our Story


Hello, I am Shital - IT Professional. Now embracing my early 30's and choose to be stay at home mom. My urge to keepsake beautiful memories from childhood lead to - BeejZap Keepsakes.

I was on my second maternity break when this COVID situation came in and I decided to take a break from my full time job. This scenario and time allowed me to serve my love for baby keepsakes and personalized gifts.


Our collection Includes Baby keepsake quilts made out of special baby clothes to cherish little one's babyhood forever, inspired with famous traditional art (Godhadi) Indian quilt. We have series of personalized gift items for every Event, Occasion and celebration of Indian festivals.. This journey taking BABY steps every day.

I ... We (actually we are team of 3), the youngest teammate basically the boss who decides my work hours.  which are mostly limited to his nap times, is my 2 year old son. Othe teammate is my quality control manager and biggest fan, who also shares my love for reading, crafting and colors.

We launched this store to provide families around with high quality, handmade baby keepsake quilts, nursery decor and personalized gifts for every occasion that they cherish for life. Each and every order we receive is carefully handled from start to finish. We want all of our customers with the same friendly face each time they bring us a new job.

My Goal is to help every Mom keepsake tiny precious memories forever and diversify gifts.

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