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Greetings! I'm Shital, a former IT Professional now reveling in my early 30s as a devoted stay-at-home mom. The birth of BeejZap Keepsakes was inspired by my deep-seated desire to preserve the precious memories of childhood.


Amidst my second maternity break and the onset of the COVID era, I made a pivotal decision to take a hiatus from my full-time job. This period of reflection and change allowed me to channel my passion for baby keepsakes and personalized gifts.

Our collection proudly features Baby Keepsake Quilts meticulously crafted from special baby clothes, a heartfelt tribute to the fleeting moments of a little one's babyhood.


Drawing inspiration from the renowned traditional art of Indian quilts, known as "Godhadi," our creations tell a story of tradition and love. We offer a delightful series of personalized gift items crafted for every event, occasion, and the celebration of Indian festivals, marking our journey with BABY steps every day.

In the true spirit of teamwork, "We" at BeejZap Keepsakes are a team of three, with my 4-year-old son, the youngest but most influential teammate, setting my work hours during his nap times. Another teammate serves as my quality control manager and biggest fan, sharing my passion for reading, crafting, and colors.

Our store was launched with a singular purpose - to provide families with high-quality, handmade baby keepsake quilts, nursery decor, and personalized gifts, ensuring each item becomes a cherished memory for a lifetime. Every order we receive is handled with utmost care, promising a personal touch from inception to completion. We strive to greet our customers with the same friendly face each time they entrust us with a new creation.

My goal is simple yet profound - to assist every mom in preserving those tiny, invaluable memories forever and to diversify the art of gifting.

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